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Domination shoot with Mistress Vanita on 22nd October 2015 – Filming slaves needed

Countryside capers are afoot in this deliciously deviant Femdomme shoot opportunity for devoted slaves. On the 22nd of October I will be filming with Mistress Vanita in the genteel historic town of Ringwood. The tranquil countryside will be shaken by this vicious duo of Supremacy as we pound our way through slave after slave. Thanks

Video Update: Lick my sweaty pits now!

After a hard day's work Mistress enjoys nothing more than making her slave lick her sweaty armpits clean! After all what are slaves good for? Lick my sweaty pits now!

Woof woof little dog

You are so well trained now aren’t you? Every time you see my notification pop up you start drooling… Knowing you are about to get your kinky little fix huh? Fucking Pavlov’s Dog Right doggy doggy, get on your knees then... Crawl around in front of your comp for a few minutes. Now you know

Bah Humbug!

Fact! Mrs Clause here is not happy with you. Stuff my stocking slave. Do it here. Merry frappin’ Christmas!

Look into my eyes

There are a few sure things in this world. That you are curious where this link will take you is one of them. That I am curious how much I will see when I open my email is another thing. But that you will move me enough to acknowledge you? Well, I guess that is

Why I feel black Women are so popular as Dominants – thoughts from a slave

I recently received this from a slave. I love the way it reads, what are your thoughts on it? Why I feel black Women are so popular as Dominants. Having been a natural believer in female supremacy for most of my life, the unique allure of serving a black Lady, to me, is the pinnacle