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The 1,000 clip challenge – send me your scripts!

Bitches! 2015 is fucking awesome! I am seriously loving life at the minute! From my Gay for a Day parties, to my custom video requests that are flying in like crazy, and now preparing myself to go back on my Tours to Zurich, then Aberdeen, then Dubai.... my life is gorgeous!!!! So the other day

Custom video clip requests now being taken for Wednesday 19th August 2015

I have been a busy little bunny lately filming some POV femdom clips for you. I know just how much you enjoy getting instructions directly from me, so I have made sure to add some POV stuff to the list of smut I already have available for you.  As you know I film custom video

The new website is nearly here. Join now

You might have been wondering what's been happening with my main site in the last month. Well, I have been revamping the old design to something more sexy, cleaner, and waaay more responsive for the new age of the web. In the next few weeks this blog site will disappear. From the 1st of March

Its a New Dawn

And I still own you... Collared virtually. Addicted endlessly. You exist for just one thing. To amuse me. Now amuse me with your paltry offerings. Like primitive man offering up to the Goddess of Findom, you tremble at the thought of my wrath should you displease me. So don't displease me. Do what you know

Your daily schedule

I have always known..... Google Open my personal site Refresh page Look at my blog site Refresh page Google And so on and so on and so on.... I'm an obsession you want to have. Now throw yourself into the whirlpool of my world and pay tribute with this gift card: https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx

I own you!

Check this out https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx Surprise me. Whatever figure. I'll spend it in less than an hour. Wanna bet?

Do I need a reason?

Now that our lives are forever inexorably intertwined? Now that you spend just about every waking moment wondering what I am doing, what I am thinking, what my next instruction to you will be? Did I ever need a reason? To remind you that your true Dominant is me. And you will get me things

PonyBoyz – in for a wild ride

PonyBoyz Wow! I just love love love this update! This Mistress knows how to ride her pony! If this was a wild stallion she would have broken him! She pushed him to his limits, made him gallop round the room. Very noisy orgasms in this one! She was a wild one, the pony

Smother Me Now – Domestic Ass Servitude

Smother Me Now This update is simply classic! We all know that women are the queens of multi-tasking, but we also know that men are always whining and moaning trying to get their girlfriends/wives/lovers to pay attention to them. So she killed two birds with one stone. Shut the man up by smothering

PonyBoyz- A Selection of the best bits

PonyBoyz For once I will just let the pictures speak for themselves shall I? Just a quick selection of images from the different videos you will find on PonyBoyz. Go to the site and see for yourself :) MORE SEXY KINKY SADISTIC MISTRESSES HERE