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financial domination

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Video Update: Is it big enough?

You know that I like them big don't you boy... Wallets I mean... Is yours big enough? Or are you just all talk and no action? Like a balloon full of hot air! Or is your wallet big enough to make my money-gasm explode? Is it big enough? WMV

Video Update: Tip her!

Fall in love with my gorgeous curves as I bathe in money money money!!!!! Tip her - MP4

Video Update: Hurt your cock for me!

Lowly worm! I have devised a way in which you can be more amusing to me... I want you to hurt your cock for me... And I want you to do it in a very specific way... Why? Because you are pathetic. And you cannot resist me... Hurt your cock for me! MP4

Video Update: You need to do better!

You know something... it pisses me off when I get LOSER tributes from bois that I know can do better... When I know that you have dug deep, but you can most definitely dig waaay deeper. Sending me chump change will get you punished where it hurts most! Your wallet! Oh... did you have to

Video Update: Guys like you always pay!

This clip will cost you twice the price. cos... Welcome to your unrelenting addiction! The reason that cock of yours just shot up in your pants With curves that just won't quit... And mind-numbingly devious intentions for your immediately subdued body and mind... This clip proves one thing with devastating clarity: - You are hooked.

Financial Ruination and Bankruptcy fantasy handmade and delivered!

Ok... So as you may or may not be aware, I have been working on some new POV styled clips for a hot minute now. These will be exclusively in the areas of financial ruination and bankruptcy. Seriously edge stuff! Check out the Clipstore on this link! Of course you may usually find me webcamming

Its a New Dawn

And I still own you... Collared virtually. Addicted endlessly. You exist for just one thing. To amuse me. Now amuse me with your paltry offerings. Like primitive man offering up to the Goddess of Findom, you tremble at the thought of my wrath should you displease me. So don't displease me. Do what you know

Your daily schedule

I have always known..... Google Open my personal site Refresh page Look at my blog site Refresh page Google And so on and so on and so on.... I'm an obsession you want to have. Now throw yourself into the whirlpool of my world and pay tribute with this gift card: https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx

I own you!

Check this out https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx Surprise me. Whatever figure. I'll spend it in less than an hour. Wanna bet?

Do I need a reason?

Now that our lives are forever inexorably intertwined? Now that you spend just about every waking moment wondering what I am doing, what I am thinking, what my next instruction to you will be? Did I ever need a reason? To remind you that your true Dominant is me. And you will get me things