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financial domination

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Big round ass shaking mesmerising

badonk a donk big brown titties Is what your dumbass is hoping to see! Well here's what you will see you dumbass! A link. https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx An instruction. BUY NOW A deadline. Deliver by 30th July. Fuck you!

Does it hurt yet?

Knowing that your balls are fair and square in my vice-like grip? That every day when you wake up you look at yourself in the mirror and try to chant that mantra bullshit about how you’re a man. And you’re strong, and you know just what you want from life. And that you’re in control….

Lust is…

My Prada flats have been tramping me through some great spots this month. Not least is my love for all things practical and yet strangely sexy. As always, thanks to my findom slaves I found myself in Selfridges. My gift cards are mounting up almost as fast as I can spend them. Keep the love

Do the electric slide up in a piece….

Hey baby... You still looking? What you waiting for? Nobody’s gonna show you how. There’s only one thing you could do for me today that would satisfy me. Right now. Right this instant! And that is get this Voucher Pleasure fucking witchu!

I love these games!

Don't you? Once upon a time I wanted a new pet. A chihuahua maybe. Or a Yorkshire Terrier. Love both of those. But who needs a dog when you have a well-trained findom slave? So, my little doggies! Time for your training lesson... Today you are getting me a Selfridges Gift Card and posting it

I need a pick me up

The year is already half the way through. I have been making some very interesting little friends in the world of findom. And some absolutely lovely boys who have amused and surprised me with their little gifts and treats. But it is the middle of the year, and the nights are still long. Too long

The spirit of Valentine’s is still fresh in the air

And you are going to send me a double whammy gift card from Selfridges! Just because you didn't impress me during Valentine's Day itself. Sodding useless!!! I don't have time for your whining! Get that gift card now!!! https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx

Will you be my Valentine?

Were it a Leap Year I might even be tempted to pop the magic question….   Pah! You know what, fukkit!   *clears throat* slave, we’ve only known each other a short while. And yet you have done so much for me. You have worked really hard and pledged so much. Against all odds. You

Yves St Laurent

So... They say diamonds are a girls best friend.   But when you put diamonds on sparkly shoes with that wow! factor you definitely get my pulse racing.... So do something useful for once in your New Year and get me this gift card so I can get some Yves St Laurent shoes! nomnh nomnh

I like em hard, crisp, and sexxxy

See its almost as good as the pink ones. And gives me just as much relief. Work hard findom slave! I have expensive needs, and they keep getting larger! You will never satisfy me! How much are you willing to push to see me cum! Get this Voucher NOW and see….