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Video Update: fag hag cocksucking bitch!

This is the fate that lies in wait for you if you do not do as Mistress instructs! You will find yourself dressed up in sissy clothing and on your knees sucking my cock! All this before I tear you a new man-gina! You have been warned... Fag hag/Cocksucking bitch!

Video Update: the best pussy you’ll never have!

Say hello to my golden pussy! The pussy that keeps you awake at night. Look into my gorgeous eyes as I slowly tease and stroke all the parts of me that I know you love so well. You want to see this don't you? You want to be right up close to me? But you're

Video Update: the size test

You know I'm a size Queen right? This little game is for you boys who think your penis might be slightly satisfying to a size queen like me. Or even if you are tiny and you know it... I want you to measure up your cock against what you think would be an adequate size

Filming slaves required on October 6th 2015

I require filming slaves for Tuesday October 6th 2015. This will be in a Central London location. As I will be doing a fair amount of travelling after this date it is very likely that this will be the last filming day of the year. You have been given adequate notice so make sure you

Video Update: R.I.P to your pathetic cock

You know what... The title says it all I hate your fucking cock! R.I.P. to your pathetic cock! (MP4)

Video Update: The plastered pay pig programme

I want to get you at home in a mood to celebrate boi... After all the only thing that you look forward to every day is me right? The most attention you are ever going to get from a woman is from me. Right here, right in this small slice of attention... Grab a drink...

Video Update: slut for butt!

Drink in my delicious juicy bubble butt all over your hungry face! How can you be anything other than hopelessly addicted to what you truly desire? Slut for butt! - MP4

Video Update: I’m a size Queen

You know how much I love a big one don't you boi... Don't worry, I know if you look at what you're packing you find yourself coming up just a bit short don't you? But I'm going to teach you how to make yourself big enough so you can start to become more pleasing to

Video Update: The Counting House

I have a little ritual I conduct every time I receive slave money. I want you to pay close attention to it, and instruct you on just how you are going to change your life to make sure that our hands and lips will touch for the briefest of moments... The counting house - MP4

Video Update: Hey useless cock! Worship mine and PAY

BESTSELLER CLIP OF JUNE 2015 You are so pathetic... It makes me giggle... I can literally taste the drool flowing from your deformed Neanderthal mug! Your cock musta also got left behind in the caveman era cos it's seriously pathetic you know.. Just such a waste! You know what? I got a great idea! Get