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humiliation task instructions

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Turkey neck cock gobbles its way onto the scene

Mmmm, help me! I have seen a lot of nasty freakery in my days. But this penis grabs the biscuit and runs with it.  Does it not just look like a turkey's snoods!?!!? Nayayayastay! Lock that thing up! And throw away the keys

Tiny cock owned by Mistress Ava Black

With all the tiny cock submissions I receive you'd think I'd start to find the redeeming qualities in some o' y'all! But mmm, I think the more I see the more I just jumble you up into piles of: - too much skin - big balls  - big bell end - shrimp dick - fully

This cock doubled in size, but was still pathetic

Mmm, so we started off with just a little over an inch for this boi. And not spectacularly he doubled in size when hard. Still, even erect his cock was an extreme let down to the word male. Pah!

Penis comparison – do you measure up?

So... You have probably been reading these humiliating task submissions lately and wondering where you measure up in the grand picture huh? Looking down at that willie of yours and wondering if you are really small or not? Maybe even pulled out the ole ruler to see if you are an inchworm or just slightly

Small penis virgin hangs up the sign

Apple pie doesn't count. This small penis virgin fucker hangs up the sign to show and prove just how pathetic his cock is. It's not often that you see someone waving the white flag of surrender, but I guess even he realises that this cock of his aint gonna get him too far with the

Slap a loser sign on this one!

Well tickle my tits and call me Sally! This one really made me LOL! a lot of innovation musta gone into coming up with the 'look' Two mouse traps for the tiny titties signals a victory! Then showing just how tiny he is by holding up his lighter next to his little peewee And hanging

The curious case of the shrunken penis – humiliating task submission

In times of great stress it is not uncommon for you to make a hasty retreat to a place of safety. What I would like to know is whether this cock was scared by something? Because it seemed to have made a hasty retreat into its owner's body. Seriously! This humiliating task musta been an

slave fucks his arse with a toilet brush – humiliating task submission

I wish I could show you the video. Really, I do. But I cannot. So there is no point being upset about it. But I will tell you. In this humiliating task submission from a very lovely and courageous slave we observe the slave walk up to a toilet brush and holder with a bit

Loser cock needs a new holster!

You know, with certain size of penis you honestly hope that the guy has a good personality. Because that would be about the only thing that would make a woman wanna stay with him. That, and pots of cash. But where the latter doesn't exist a personality helps. For this guy's sake I sure as

Cute in the face but small in the cock – humiliating task submission

Before I share today's humiliating task submission let me tell you a story. Not so long ago when I first started dating with sex involved I met a lovely English guy. He had a banging body, and the most unbelievably green sexy eyes. Seriously cheeky look that did all sorts of things to my nether