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mind control mistress

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Video Update: Hey useless cock! Worship mine and PAY

BESTSELLER CLIP OF JUNE 2015 You are so pathetic... It makes me giggle... I can literally taste the drool flowing from your deformed Neanderthal mug! Your cock musta also got left behind in the caveman era cos it's seriously pathetic you know.. Just such a waste! You know what? I got a great idea! Get

Video Update: You need to do better!

You know something... it pisses me off when I get LOSER tributes from bois that I know can do better... When I know that you have dug deep, but you can most definitely dig waaay deeper. Sending me chump change will get you punished where it hurts most! Your wallet! Oh... did you have to

Video Update: Guys like you always pay!

This clip will cost you twice the price. cos... Welcome to your unrelenting addiction! The reason that cock of yours just shot up in your pants With curves that just won't quit... And mind-numbingly devious intentions for your immediately subdued body and mind... This clip proves one thing with devastating clarity: - You are hooked.