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A humiliating task put a smile on Mistress’s face

is what this sissy sent along to me. I do love humiliating task submissions. And this one has been sitting on my desktop for a hot minute. Thought I should share it with you. Now, sissy wannabes, no drooling. If you want to send me your submission to show just how transformed you can be

Video Update: Jerk Off!

My little jerk off! Today you get to cum... No lies, no game playing.... I just have a very specific way in which I want you to do it though... I find it amusing when you follow my exact instructions... And if you're a good boi then you get the most explosive orgasm you have

A private dancer for Mistress Ava Black

Ah, maybe it is the unusually warm end of summer day? Maybe it is my particular soft spot for sissies and crossdressers? I don't know. But whatever it is this humiliating task submission did put a smile on my face and made me giggle. This is a previously regular slave who was apalled and devastated

Guevedoces or cock tucked back? You tell me

So the other day I was wandering through the webosphere finding what I could find.. And I came across this article on Guevedoces - literally translated meaning 'penis at twelve' Seriously interesting stuff! These kids are female up to the age of twelve normally, where their lady parts then become boy parts. Functional I guess

Crusty pants challenge submission

Ok, So you know that I have humiliating tasks packages that you can buy through this site yes? Well this submission picture below will only make sense if you have purchased one of those packages and completed it. All I can say is kudos kudos kudos to this dude for seeing this task right through

Crossdressers beware! Check out how NOT to selfie

Mmm, it's a miracle that I have to keep saying these things! First off I do love that my slave bois submit their humiliating task assignments. But I think that bois lack one thing don't you? Take this submission for example from skinny and fabulous! Spends ages getting the look together, matching up outfits, getting

The 1,000 clip challenge – send me your scripts!

Bitches! 2015 is fucking awesome! I am seriously loving life at the minute! From my Gay for a Day parties, to my custom video requests that are flying in like crazy, and now preparing myself to go back on my Tours to Zurich, then Aberdeen, then Dubai.... my life is gorgeous!!!! So the other day

How do you like your cock in the morning cocksucker!?!?

Do you know how hard it is to deepthroat? I don't think many of you will have had the pleasure. See it's not just about the sucking or licking action. No! To be a really good cocksucker with the deepthroat and the tongue action and errythang you gotta be able to unhinge your jaw almost.

Panty wearing slave boi

So I received this submission from a panty wearing slave boi. How sweet... How hairy! And am I a fussy bitch? But where is his actual cock? I wouldn't have thought twice about it if he hadn't had half a giblet hanging out. Is he like sitting on it? Or is it tucked up? But

Is that cucumber up your arse!?!?

So this slave took my eat your greens task to the beautiful next level! Still, I can't help but wonder exactly if there was lube and a bit of jerking off involved when he got his ass wide open and slid that baby in there!?!? This bitch crazay! Because that cucumber looks like it's growing