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Video Update: Ballbusting POV week 3

It's getting HOT in here! Mmm, so I am guessing not being able to touch that willie of yours is starting to make your dangly bits pulse on an almost constant basis huh? Oh shame.... If you thought life was 'hard' then today you are going to literally burst out of your boxers! Because this

Video Update: Ballbusting POV week 2

A tailormade castration Week 2 is here! And a sight earlier than you thought it was going to be. After all I should never be blamed for letting you get too comfortable now should I? I want you to take a look at my gorgeous PVC boots. You like them don't you? Mmmm, I bet

Video Update: grow that cock NOW for your chance to fuck me!

Awww, what a tiny little pee pee you have... I'm guessing it's really hard to actually fit it inside anything isn't it? Can you guess how big your cock has to be in order for me to want to ride it?   Well, I won't spoil the surprise. I'll tell you...   Awww, you're not

Facesitting POV – Sexy oily Domina instructs you on facesitting etiquette

Facesitting POV You know what? This Domina simply has the right idea when it comes to keeping unruly slaves under check. Keep em firmly under yer arse, tease them with your pussy and ass. And tell them exactly how they should worship you. And if they don’t get it refuse to give them

Facesitting POV – Sultry Brunette instructs you how to clean her ass

Facesitting POV When a woman tells you to get under her ass you do as you’re told! Especially when she is as hot as this smoking hot Domina. With her smouldering looks and fuck me red lips! Now, on the ground, appreciate my curves. And listen as I tell you how to take a good

Facesitting POV Hot Blonde Mistress

Facesitting POV Now I don’t know about you, but there is just something about sexy young coulda been innocent but something went way wrong somewhere girls that just strokes the right buttons for me. This update was definitely one of those typa moments. When my heart went whooooaaaah, and then seeing what this