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Video Update: I have all this cute underwear for you to wear sissy

Come here sissy pet... I have a special something for you to wear while you serve me... Something frilly and so very girly, innocent and virginal. Of course its in white, what else? Only the best will do for my little sissy bitch. And I can't wait to see how subby you get once you

Crossdressers beware! Check out how NOT to selfie

Mmm, it's a miracle that I have to keep saying these things! First off I do love that my slave bois submit their humiliating task assignments. But I think that bois lack one thing don't you? Take this submission for example from skinny and fabulous! Spends ages getting the look together, matching up outfits, getting

Dumb slave posts pics of himself wearing women’s underwear online

Gawd love a duck! Now in this world there is special... And there is special... Like 'Special Needs' special. This guy just takes the biscuit and does an Olympian relay race all by himself..... He was literally begging to be humiliated, simple email reading "Please miss" Now, after I picked myself off the floor after