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slave training

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Video Update: sit on my fat cock!

No preparation, no warm up. This clip is Mistress Ava Black dishing out a 12 inch cock to a hungry slave's arse with no warmup or spreading prior! DELICIOUS! Sit on my fat cock!

Video Update: I can fuck her better than you can!

You know something boi? I feel sorry for that woman who has to put up with your puny cock day after day... Lying there night after miserable night having to accept your pendulum moves as some twisted comedy punishment... such a pity! No woman should have to put up with a cock like yours in

Saturday 1st bisexual Domination with Black Top Master Black Man Pole

Oh the excitement!!!! I'm back in England and I have been catching up with all you lovely bois and girls as you work hard to make my return interesting. And I have been talking to Master Black Man Pole who is a seriously gorgeous and sexy fuck buddy of mine and we are ready to

Video Update: You need to do better!

You know something... it pisses me off when I get LOSER tributes from bois that I know can do better... When I know that you have dug deep, but you can most definitely dig waaay deeper. Sending me chump change will get you punished where it hurts most! Your wallet! Oh... did you have to

Raising a kinky glass in celebration

You are now well and truly mine... Every day you log on to your daily dose of Ava Black You refresh my pages constantly. My traffic stats don’t lie. You prowl, leave, return, prowl again. Then go and look for me elsewhere. Your subjugation is concrete. While I am enjoying this High Tea that you

In a recession? Budget to keep your Mistress happy! Financial Slaves Bow Down and empty those wallets!

So I have been helping a trainee slave to sort out his finances if he wants me in his life. We had a session today - which he squeezed his wallet for pwahahahaha! And was mesmerised as I sat there smoking away on my Dunhills and slagging him off. What a loser! Anyway, so he

A Sexy Image!

Money make me cum! Bitches!

Wow, its been a good weekend – goodies from 2 goodies on my Amazon wishlist

Wow, this has been a good weekend, I was delighted to find 2 slaves have sent me stuff from my Amazon wishlist http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/3GL0SSHVJLA6C/ref=cm_wl_act_vv?_encoding=UTF8&visitor-view=1&reveal= The first was 2 pairs of very sexy sheer knickers. (panties to my international readers lol!) The second was a summery top... Placed on the list as I dreamed of a scorching

Video Updates by Mistress Ava Black: Monday 28 May 2012

Hope your week is off to a good start. Your first double bubble update is this: Harsh Double Ebony Domination - this is the mobile version so you can store it on your compatible device for viewing on the move Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Lauren have a slave client who has begged