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Video Update: Caning his naughty tiny cock!

The tiny cock fucker has been caught at it again! Yanking away at that miserable tag of flesh that he calls a cock! His Mistresses are not remotely amused, and decide to use his desires against him... He knows he has to endure a caning to his disgusting tiny cock because he is not allowed

The 1,000 clip challenge – send me your scripts!

Bitches! 2015 is fucking awesome! I am seriously loving life at the minute! From my Gay for a Day parties, to my custom video requests that are flying in like crazy, and now preparing myself to go back on my Tours to Zurich, then Aberdeen, then Dubai.... my life is gorgeous!!!! So the other day

Video Update: This is gonna cost you tiny pecker boi!

Up here squirt! Look at the rulers of your little world as they tower over you... Listen to our instructions as we give you the most attention you have received from females in a really long time... That make your little man-clit hard? We know. You're so easy you know that? Just so easy to

Video Update: Hey useless cock! Worship mine and PAY

BESTSELLER CLIP OF JUNE 2015 You are so pathetic... It makes me giggle... I can literally taste the drool flowing from your deformed Neanderthal mug! Your cock musta also got left behind in the caveman era cos it's seriously pathetic you know.. Just such a waste! You know what? I got a great idea! Get

Your Mistress needs you – and your small cock

Do you have a small cock? Do you get sneezed out more often than not? Does your small cock really require an extra small condom? Do you suffer from small cock syndrome (*where everything is much bigger than you*) If you have answered yes to the questions above then you are perfect! Mistress Ava Black

How not to turn on a woman – small penis fail!

Sooo, it's time to resuscitate the humiliating task submissions that I receive very regularly from slaves. Most of these seem to be small penis ones for some reason? I really don't know why.... So, in March 2015 I reopened my site revamped and to rinse rinse rinse! Unfortunately in the move over I lost a

Video Update: grow that cock NOW for your chance to fuck me!

Awww, what a tiny little pee pee you have... I'm guessing it's really hard to actually fit it inside anything isn't it? Can you guess how big your cock has to be in order for me to want to ride it?   Well, I won't spoil the surprise. I'll tell you...   Awww, you're not

Video Update: We’ve found the perfect use for your tiny cock!

Mistress Ava Black and Lady Bellatrix are at it again! Tiny cock fuckers beware! I guess you have always known just how useless your tiny cock is huh? Not much use for masturbating cos you cum too quick. No good for inserting cos it doesn't hit any spot... But never fear! Mistresses have found the