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tease and denial

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Video Update for Jun 2nd 2012: Clips4Sale Store Mistress Ava Black

I do hope the weekend is going well for you. I hope you have been enjoying the clips you have purchased so far. It has been a ball-busting and vicious week hasn’t it? But we have kept it hot and horny for you with some gorgeous dark brown and caramel chocolate dripping across your computers,

Video Update for Jun 1st 2012: Clips4Sale Store Mistress Ava Black

Foxy Minx Kicked my Nuts - Part One (HD) version. This is the sizzling beginning of a gorgeous 2 part clip. Just to take your Jubilee weekend into a delightful start. A little bit of sexiness with a whole load of viciousness! Ava Black at her sexiest and most seductive. Doing what she does best

Video Updates by Mistress Ava Black for May 31 2012

Ballbusting the Pussy- Part Two for mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone Mistress Ava Black returns from her coffee break! The slave is still in the corner, and has cooled down somewhat after a gruelling first session of ballbusting. She has more in store, and this time is relentless with the punishment. No warm-up,

Video Update by Mistress Ava Black: Double Bubble for May 30th 2012

Bathtime Punishment Part Two - for mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet Mistress Ava Black's slave is being tested for endurance. Firstly his Mistress wishes to see how long he can hold his breath for while she switches up his punishment with some bathroom implements. In this second clip his Mistress indulges in a

Video Updates: Tuesday 29 May 2012

BallBusting the Pussy Part One- this is the mobile version for you to download to compatible mobile devices Mistress Ava Black has her hands on a long-haired slave. Very gorgeous and a saucy little minx. Mistress can hardly wait to get her hands on this one! The slave prepared, Mistress works her seductive magic on

All day femdom sessions in Central London Tuesday 29 May 2012

Good day and hope you are having a good weekend all! I just wanted to let you know that I will be available in London all day on Tuesday for domination sessions. You probably know all the things I do already by now, but I am available for both classic as well as more bizarre

Goddesses Oil Dance – full clip video upload

Finally! The full length video is uploaded to my C4S store. I know you have been waiting, but the best things in life are worth waiting for.... The full delicious clip of the Goddesses tantalising you with their divine physiques and perfectly shaped bodies. The two exquisite Ebony Dominas lure you in with their divine

Domestic Servitude for 4 Dominas – Smoking Domination video update

Mistress Ava Black has invited her Domina friends - The Governess, Goddess Lauren, and Goddess Cleo - over to her house for a drink and catch-up. For the evening's entertainment they have 2 slaves to play with. Whichever way the evil Dominas see fit. Now as you can imagine just one of these women is

Goddesses Oil Dance part 2 – video update

The two exquisite Ebony Dominas lure you in with their divine oiled bodies. They devour each other's beautiful bodies, savouring each other's majestic physiques. This is a firm reminder to you slaves that Black Power is well and truly alive! The beautiful tanned bodies, the naturally firm and supple flesh, and the smouldering feral beauty