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tour dates

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A new findom experience is coming. Are you ready?

Findom alert for all my precious little pets! You spoke, I listened. And I have been working hard (yes I know, the concept is truly alien to me but money was the motivation, and my evil mind cannot possibly be contained to a few lucky finsubs) to create a delicious new experience for all of

Real time meets for money pigs London Monday November 10th

Bitches! I'm back Just when your bitch arses thought you could catch an unregulated fart without my permission huh? Now did you really think I would let you off that easily!?!?!? Here piggy piggy piggy. All you money pigs need to get here now! I fucking loved Thailand! Fuck me Sally!!!! I need to relocate. Some

Dubai shopping spree tributes being accepted now

Yo fuckers! I'm going to Dubai in a fortnight! Last time I was there I had the most unbelievable time EVER!!! From the shopping sprees to long lazy days sleeping and being pampered, followed by sunsets in the sea before having relaxing evenings enjoying delicious organic food. The sheer wastefulness and spend spend spend culture

Mistress POV findom videos

Mmmm, so I have been seriously thinking about it... As your dumb ass will know I have 3 clip stores already: Mistress Ava Black Feet My Fetish Well Spanked Bottom Awesome huh? Yeah I know, I'm fucking unbelievable! Beauty, brains, and ruthlessness... Nice! But I have been thinking for a really long time that your

Europe Asia and Africa tour dates losers!

Gosh you fools don't think unless I shove a stick up your arse do you? Well take a look, here's the stick! I'm on tour this year. These are my tour dates. Look at this list and see if I'm going to be anywhere near you: June 11 and 12 – Manchester June 23 and

Put my UK tour date in your diary so you can meet me and take me shopping!

Dogs! Here are my UK Tour Dates: April 14 and 15 - Birmingham May 12 and 13 - Cardiff May 29 and 30 - Glasgow June 11 and 12 - Manchester June 25 and 26 - Birmingham July 8 and 9 - Newcastle All sessions are STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT!!! Meaning you don't pay to confirm then