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verbal humiliation

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Video update: Penis? All I see is a pussy

Oh my goodness! Every time I hear from you it makes me smile. You seriously should be a stand-up comedian, because every time you drop your pants it's like the biggest joke EVER! That pathetic skin tag nestled between your thighs, shooting straight up like a bullet. You're always ready for action aint yer boi!

How do you like your cock in the morning cocksucker!?!?

Do you know how hard it is to deepthroat? I don't think many of you will have had the pleasure. See it's not just about the sucking or licking action. No! To be a really good cocksucker with the deepthroat and the tongue action and errythang you gotta be able to unhinge your jaw almost.

Panty wearing slave boi

So I received this submission from a panty wearing slave boi. How sweet... How hairy! And am I a fussy bitch? But where is his actual cock? I wouldn't have thought twice about it if he hadn't had half a giblet hanging out. Is he like sitting on it? Or is it tucked up? But

Is that cucumber up your arse!?!?

So this slave took my eat your greens task to the beautiful next level! Still, I can't help but wonder exactly if there was lube and a bit of jerking off involved when he got his ass wide open and slid that baby in there!?!? This bitch crazay! Because that cucumber looks like it's growing

Baywatch blob – small penis in the shower

It's not often that you see a small penis in its natural habitat. Like a shy creature of the wild it only ever seems to come creeping out whilst its owner sits on the toilet to pee, or briefly for a furious wank lasting all of five minutes on a treat day. No, the small

‘Pegged’ slave

I do like my pegged slave. Oh, were you thinking about the pegging that involves a whole lot more strapon and muffled cries? Oh no pet, what do you think I am? A Strapon Mistress? Come on now! lol! No, slave boi here shaved for me, and then went on to peg his nipples and

jerk off and cum eating instructions submission

It always warms my ice cold heart when I see bois jumping through hoops to put a smile on my face. Just like this boi gregory. It would seem he knows no limits to the levels of depravity he will sink to in order to amuse me. Take this assignment for example. I believe in

slave pisses his pants and sucks the knickers dry for his Mistress

Ok, so this one is not for the light hearted. In fact this is one of my regular humiliation junkie submission guys. I can't remember if I actually posted this task out or not. Anyway, I guess while I was making the transition over the new template he was itching to get dirty so to

Don’t want no short dick man!

Have you heard that song by Salt n Pepa? "What in the world is that thing? Do you need some tweezers to put that little thing away That has got to be the smallest dick I've ever seen in my whole life I have ever seen in my whole life Get the fuck outta here

This worthless cock should be locked away for good!

You've gotta give cred to those amongst you that have figured out that angles can be man's best friend. Like this guy right here. He figured if he got the angle right, and shoved the flesh right down into his pubic mound he might actually appear to have a semblance of a cock. That, and