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video updates

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Video Update: Lick my sweaty pits now!

After a hard day's work Mistress enjoys nothing more than making her slave lick her sweaty armpits clean! After all what are slaves good for? Lick my sweaty pits now!

Video Update: Dominas smoking and gossiping

Mistress Ava Black and Lady Bellatrix gossip about the slaves they have left tied up in the Dungeon as they take a smoke break.   Dominas smoking and gossiping

Video Update: Kiss my big shiny PVC arse!

Kiss my shiny PVC arse! Mmm, the sissy slut came to show Mistress her walk in her high heels. Mistress liked it so much she made that bitch get on her knees and worship at the shrine of Ava Black! Direct Link: http://www.clips4sale.com/40627/13083588

Video Update: Tiny cocks are nature’s bad joke!

Tiny cocks are nature's bad joke! Mistress Ava Black and Isabel Dean know a thing or two about what a good cock looks like, and honey, your cock aint it... Small cocks are so funny! Why do you even bother with that tiny thing floating around in your pants? So tiny and pathetic! How big

Video Update: Training you to be a good cumslut cuckold

Training you to be a good cumslut cuckold It always makes me giggle when I hear from you hungry cocksucker fantasists. I mean, really!!! The way you must be sitting there rubbing your own insignificant half-erect meat in lust! LOSER Anyway, it's a good thing my Mandingo boyfriend loves to teach you nasty pale muthafukkaz

Video Update: Be still and worship my 12 inch thigh high boots

Be still and worship my 12 inch thigh high boots Lay down and worship these gorgeous black leather thigh high boots with a delicious long lace riding its way all the way up my legs... Direct Link: http://www.clips4sale.com/40627/13043321

Video Update: deep arse diving

Deep Arse Diving Mistress Ava Black has fun stretching her slut's arse out. Direct Link: http://www.clips4sale.com/40627/13206388

Femdom video store: Double Video Updates week beginning 28 May 2012

Greetings all I am sure you are all enjoying the beautiful (and in England at least) surprisingly warm weather. Doubtless you are also enjoying the prospect of a lovely long week in celebration of our Jubilee bank holiday. A long weekend and plenty of time spent enjoying the delights of a vanilla life spent far