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wallet rape

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Human ATM meets in London on September 2nd 2014

I am going to be coming into London on the 2nd of September and will be available for human ATM meets and rinsing sessions with slaves. I want to go shopping so guess who’s going to fund all that! And you still belong under my round black ass! If you can’t make it to London

My new computer still needs buying bitches!

Our total so far is: MC - £300 MS - £100 LM - £150 Total = £550 The target is £2981 so we still need £2,431 to get to my baby... The target:  There are also packages involved for tributes sent. You can do the conversion into dollars whatever. But you need to email me

New pages added to my financial domination site

Just a quick heads up. I am working on my financial domination site I have been clarifying a few things and making it easier for you to better serve me. I have added these pages to the site so make sure to visit them today: What you can do for me http://strictblackmistress.com/what-you-can-do-for-me/ What is financial

Take a bite out of this apple

The countdown to Dubai begins! But I know that when I come back I have a lot of hard work to do. When I get back I want y'all bitches to dig deep and contribute to my new baby! I have already raised £550 from pinning down 2 bitches and making them squeal in the

Life ruining videos command humiliatrix store coming soon!

Hello obsessed bitch. Yes. You. I know just how much you hang onto my words, prowling around on the internet looking for me at every given opportunity on the internet. You know who brings you exclusive kinky content don't you? You know whose mind is full of perversions on a 24/7 basis and whose striking

Its a New Dawn

And I still own you... Collared virtually. Addicted endlessly. You exist for just one thing. To amuse me. Now amuse me with your paltry offerings. Like primitive man offering up to the Goddess of Findom, you tremble at the thought of my wrath should you displease me. So don't displease me. Do what you know

Your daily schedule

I have always known..... Google Open my personal site Refresh page Look at my blog site Refresh page Google And so on and so on and so on.... I'm an obsession you want to have. Now throw yourself into the whirlpool of my world and pay tribute with this gift card: https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx

I own you!

Check this out https://www.voucherexpress.co.uk/VERSE/Selfridges/index.aspx Surprise me. Whatever figure. I'll spend it in less than an hour. Wanna bet?

Do I need a reason?

Now that our lives are forever inexorably intertwined? Now that you spend just about every waking moment wondering what I am doing, what I am thinking, what my next instruction to you will be? Did I ever need a reason? To remind you that your true Dominant is me. And you will get me things

Raising a kinky glass in celebration

You are now well and truly mine... Every day you log on to your daily dose of Ava Black You refresh my pages constantly. My traffic stats don’t lie. You prowl, leave, return, prowl again. Then go and look for me elsewhere. Your subjugation is concrete. While I am enjoying this High Tea that you