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wallet rape

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  You’re thick as a tub of dirt ya'know Did you really think you were gonna come on here and see me doing a tits out parade for you!?!?!?! Like who the fuck are you? Look at your nastay ass hitting refresh and keyword searching for the good stuff. You know you’re obsessed with me

Fuck you

  Pay Me

I like em hard, crisp, and sexxxy

See its almost as good as the pink ones. And gives me just as much relief. Work hard findom slave! I have expensive needs, and they keep getting larger! You will never satisfy me! How much are you willing to push to see me cum! Get this Voucher NOW and see….  

Psst! Oi!

You’ve been a good lickle dickie bird aint ya!?!?! Well I don’t think so, and last time I checked it was my opinion that counted. Not yours... So let’s do this shall we? It has come to my attention that you are fantasising about stuffing your sausage into my meat-packing factory. Well the only thing

Hope y’all Merry Christmas errybody!

Guess what today is!?!?!? Boxing Day! And if you not want a box from me you’re going to send me a Voucher by clicking the link above so I can enjoy a brand spanking New Year enjoying the things you’re getting for me!

Woof woof little dog

You are so well trained now aren’t you? Every time you see my notification pop up you start drooling… Knowing you are about to get your kinky little fix huh? Fucking Pavlov’s Dog Right doggy doggy, get on your knees then... Crawl around in front of your comp for a few minutes. Now you know

Have I told you that I’m into girls?

I mean, I like guys too. But only if they have a massive schlong. And know how to work it. But every once in a while I like to do some creative gardening. I enjoy the furry moss when the mood takes me. I’ve had my eye on this hot piece for a while now.

Bah Humbug!

Fact! Mrs Clause here is not happy with you. Stuff my stocking slave. Do it here. Merry frappin’ Christmas!

I need to feel the touch of a real man on my body

And you are going to pay for it. Click below to send me to the spa Pampering

Look into my eyes

There are a few sure things in this world. That you are curious where this link will take you is one of them. That I am curious how much I will see when I open my email is another thing. But that you will move me enough to acknowledge you? Well, I guess that is