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A new findom experience is coming. Are you ready?

Findom alert for all my precious little pets! You spoke, I listened. And I have been working hard (yes I know, the concept is truly alien to me but money was the motivation, and my evil mind cannot possibly be contained to a few lucky finsubs) to create a delicious new experience for all of

New pages added to my financial domination site

Just a quick heads up. I am working on my financial domination site I have been clarifying a few things and making it easier for you to better serve me. I have added these pages to the site so make sure to visit them today: What you can do for me http://strictblackmistress.com/what-you-can-do-for-me/ What is financial

Mistress POV findom videos

Mmmm, so I have been seriously thinking about it... As your dumb ass will know I have 3 clip stores already: Mistress Ava Black Feet My Fetish Well Spanked Bottom Awesome huh? Yeah I know, I'm fucking unbelievable! Beauty, brains, and ruthlessness... Nice! But I have been thinking for a really long time that your

Have you tributed your Money Mistress today?

 So basically you dumb shits have been sitting around perving on my fine-ness for no shit all week huh!?!?!?! I’m guessing by now you will have seen a massive rise in the number of images and videos of me that are going online now. Hahahahahah!!!!! My Clips4Sale has over 1,000 videos. Then I also have

Quiet week for tributes though? What the fuck y’all bitches doin not sending me shit! Pay up!

Soooo   This week my little boys have been lucky. I just aint been bothered about chasing some slippery little fuckers lol! So my tributes has been looking a bit dry…. Normally I’m getting an email from one or more of you fuckers dying to prove your pathetic life has some meaning by ‘trying’ to

Webcam week pictures

It has been some mad fun this week on AdultWork.com chat. Follow me on twitter.com/missavablack and find out when I'm online. Findom Friday session is tomorrow at GMT 1300 hrs See you on www.adultwork.com/MistressAvaBlack