The countdown to Dubai begins!

But I know that when I come back I have a lot of hard work to do.

When I get back I want y’all bitches to dig deep and contribute to my new baby!

I have already raised £550 from pinning down 2 bitches and making them squeal in the last coupla days!

But my target is nearly 3k so you know y’all need to do much better don’t yer!

buy a new iMac for Mistress Ava Black


I want to produce at least another 200 clips this year alone! And of course y’all know that I only like to edit on the best of the best. My current iMac needs to just be there for emailing and putting the hurt on y’all bitches while the new baby creates new addiction for you.


As always you can donate anonymously through Clipvia by clicking the image below:


clipvia tribute button

There are also packages involved for tributes sent. You can do the conversion into dollars whatever. But you need to email me on and let me know which tribute is you.

£100 gets 2 videos up to 20 mins each or a feature length clip of your choosing
£200 gets a custom clip from me up to 10 mins long
£500 gets 30 videos of up to 10 mins long of your choosing
£1,000 gets 100 videos up to 10 mins long of your choosing
£3,000 gets either 365 videos of up to 10 mins long of your choosing redeemable till Dec 2015
a day with me in London.

Email me on to pledge your donation.

Videos are on: