2015 is fucking awesome!

I am seriously loving life at the minute!

From my Gay for a Day parties, to my custom video requests that are flying in like crazy, and now preparing myself to go back on my Tours to Zurich, then Aberdeen, then Dubai…. my life is gorgeous!!!!

So the other day I was talking to a fellow Domme, and we were just talking about all the clips that I have filmed so far. She asked me how long it took for me to film them.

Now, in the beginning I used to film quite a lot. When I first started out I was just raring to go! Armed with my lickle Standard Definition cam and a whole bunch of ideas, I think I must have filmed easily every single week for the best part of a year.

Then I started to have a bit more fun and got to touring and travelling around the country and Europe a bit. So the filming kinda suffered. And when I discovered Asia and the UAE it got crazy. Cos I just ended up putting a bunch of energy into the travelling and not really capturing as much as I could have done.

Had some mad fun!

And I still say it to this day, that some of the best stuff I have done has never been captured on film.

We need to change that.

the sissy and the slut serve their mistresses part 2

See, my friend and I placed a wager.

I wanted to see how long it would take me to film 1,000 femdom clips.

She says 1 year, but I’m betting I can do it in six months.

Six months!

To meet the 1,000 clip challenge!

I know I can do it.

I’ve got a pound riding on this wager. Pretty serious shit.

So this wager starts today and runs until 7th March 2016.

Do you think I can do it?

I reckon I can.

But I need your help to do it!

I’ve already started compiling a list of scripts and ideas that I can film. But it’s not easy! Basically I’m at about seventy odd clip ideas, and this is after a whole weekend of letting the perverted juices flow!

So I need your ideas here too.

– I know you will have stuff of mine that you absolutely enjoy, or stuff that you wish I would film but you haven’t seen from me yet or for a long while. 

Send me those ideas.

– You will also have ideas that you want me to consider but you can’t afford a custom video commission. I cannot guarantee to film any and every request, especially if it requires a high budget. But send it along and if I like it I will film it.

You might also want to buy me an outfit and see me in a type of clip wearing this outfit. 

Email me on and ask me where to send this outfit so I can film in it.

– Do you want to see me filming with your favorite Domme/Domme/pornstar? Let me know who this person is and I will reach out to them and try to bring your dream to reality.

– Short scripts, location ideas, location donations (where we use your place to film from), costume donations….

All these things and more are what I am looking for from you! So let’s make this challenge a win!

Look forward to hearing from you on!

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***I will not be able to respond to all emails, but make sure to keep an eye on my blog for when I have uploaded them***