You might have been wondering what’s been happening with my main site in the last month.

Well, I have been revamping the old design to something more sexy, cleaner, and waaay more responsive for the new age of the web.

In the next few weeks this blog site will disappear. From the 1st of March you can only find me on

I will close this site and point the url to the new site. You can be a part of this new experience. All you have to do is

and choose the areas that you are interested in.

I have pooled together all the suggestions you brought up and have created something that will make you feel closer to me and be more personal to the things that I have come to love and enjoy and that you also enjoy. My infamous humiliation tasks, slave training courses, sensual domination, sph, cuckolding, joi, and much more… I have made the site a shrine for you to fall into helplessly and happily.

Plus, the site is super sexy and interactive. Really cool things.

Jump in, take my quizzes, sign up to my newsletters, play my games, perv on my pics. There will be loads for you to do so make sure you make the most of it.

There are also going to be lots of hidden pages for you to drown into. Not referenced in the main menu, but there will be breadcrumbs to follow. Well worth taking the time to find the backdoors that I will hide in plain sight. Why? To increase your obsession and devotion of course. Duh.

You will have seen that the humiliation tasks are now gone from this site? They will now be available on the new site. Of course I also had the wimpy versions for public view, but I will be selling the more extreme tasks for you hardcore mofos out there! I fully expect you to have completed all the tasks and documented them of course. Completed submissions will be showcased on the site for EVERYONE to see….

We are now already at over 2,000 subscribers.

Why don’t you join us and see what all the fuss is about?

Join up today on

and you will be given 24hrs private preview before the site goes live to anyone else. See you there!