I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I came across the concept of a chastity ring or purity ring a long time ago. Apparently it’s very popular in religious circles. But I really really want a chastity ring for my locked boys.

I just wonder though how that would work out. So I want you to give me your honest opinion on how you think this would work out. If I was to come up with a chastity ring and you would be tempted to buy it, what would it need to satisfy?

1. Should it be a ring to wear on your finger or a subtle addition to your chastity device? (just for extra ownership – think Kali’s teeth. Because of course if it is on your penis I want it to hurt)

2. Do you have any particular materials that you prefer?

3. Would you want to buy it straight from the storefront or would you prefer to earn it? (say after a year continous chastity for example)

4. Any other thoughts?

Post comments below.