Mistress Ava Black has been changing the face of Domination since 2011. Her admirers and loyal following has grown spectacularly over the years. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at some of the testimonials from around the internet.
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She was amazing I can’t wait to call her back again.
carlos, self
Mistress Ava Black has so many wonderfull and sexy pictures. I am in heaven when I look at the pictures
moneyidiot, moneyidiot
What a wondeful Mistress. Suggest you give her a call, its worth it.
gate, gate
My new addiction, where will it lead? mistress knows all the answers. mmmm xx
swordfish, swordfish
Wonderful conversation with an experienced and exciting Mistress
Pazman, Pazman
Excellent training for this beginner.
marclarose, marclarose
What a great girl, amazing, really enjoyed my session with her. Extremely beautif, sexy and adventurous.
sklav, sklav
This beautiful goddess is taking over my mind.
marclarose, marclarose
Very strong lady
stig7, stig7
Really hot time with sexy lady
stig7, stig7
Mesmerising and stunning. Will be back. Px
Great Feet. I hope to be able to worship them one day!
Fred, Fred
Mistress owns me now. Someday she will rule the world!
marclarose, marclarose
The real thing. Do not accept substitutes.
marclarose, marclarose
Thoroughly dominated & humiliated by Mistress. Recommended.
submat000, submat000
a perfect mistress. hope to cam again soon
davidf, davidf
Stunning.. Confident control , both arousing and slightly scary
andytheeagle, andytheeagle
Impossible not to revisit, an incredible woman!
bosco, bosco
Ridiculously addictive
bosco, bosco
Thank you Goddess you are the most amazing Goddess i dream about you beating me black and blue Goddess xxx
incredible understanding of the loser mind
A true Mistress, who intends to completely sissify Her gymnast slut
gymnast, gymnast
Wow!!! Truly amazing, thank you Mistress for an amazing session. Thank you for wearing the boots and I look forward to serving R/T
asian_gimpboy, asian_gimpboy
superb, a very gifted Mistress
joe, joe
Mistress Ava is stunning with such an alluring voice, impossible to resist.
bosco, bosco
Mistress Ava Black is so hot, I am completely hooked
dunrey, dunrey
Thanks Miss, always amazing talking to you
bluediamond, bluediamond
always a pleasure to be Mistress’s bitch
TVLou, TVLou
So hot. Gorgeous lady that I definitely want to please and sub for.
LaidBack, LaidBack
The most divine Goddess i long to suck your big thick strap on and have my balls kicked hard Goddess xxx
love you knowing im impotent Goddess thank you Goddess xxx
Such a cruel mistress xxx
garywillgo, garywillgo
Such a pleasure to serve and entertain Mistress
bosco, bosco
A wonderfully evil laugh that seduces you into obeying more of her wishes!
bosco, bosco
Amazing Mistress, very beautifull. Just wish she didnt scare the shit out of me lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ thankyou Mistress.
trix, trix
The enchanting combination of a supreme and powerful black mistress
kentguy, kentguy
Great Mistress, this lady intrigues me… very beautiull looking too.
trix, trix
Thoroughly dominated & humiliated. Recommended.
submat, submat
a very hot mistress I will be back
akdon, akdon
u know what? u r so great that I want to buy whatever u wl make. Mistress is tremendous ๐Ÿ™‚
slave001, slave001
Wow, a phenomenal lady. Would love to see her in person
stefdext, stefdext
Can’t wait to be stretched beyond my limits…
Christo, Christo
had an amazing time. cant wait to chat again.xxx
juanpablo11, juanpablo11
CHRISTMAS HAS CAME EARLY!!! It was a pleasure to serve MistressAvaBlack and it sounds like she’s gunning for me to have a real time session!!! Lucky me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Xxx
MarkovanSparkster, MarkovanSparkster
Simply the best.
BoredNow, BoredNow
enjoyed session with mistress xx
Rich28, Rich28
One day I will be brave enough!
dunrey, dunrey
this lady knows her stuff
tjtrevor, tjtrevor
Nice to see the gorgeous Ava Black once again.
mattspacecheez, mattspacecheez
!!!! fierce lady
finale247, finale247
I am addicted to the devine Mistress Ava Black
dunrey, dunrey
Mistress is amazing, total respect for her.
trix, trix
Awesome Mistress attractive and dominant
wouldhav24, wouldhav24
Great experience, amazing Mistress xxx
billybong, billybong
Adore Mistress
trix, trix
A pure Goddess. A One and only. I cannot wait to please her anyway she desires. xx
hornyfella, hornyfella
I’ve only just begun my journey into chastity, but Mistress explained everything in a way that made it seem so simple and natural. I am now in my first two weeks of chastityโ€ฆ not a single regret!
lovgoddess, lovgoddess
just amazing as usual. the queen of edging…you wont last 5 mins.ha
trix, trix
incredible mistress. so much fun.xxx
juanpablo, juanpablo
The best. What more needs to be said. I am weak.
BoredNow, BoredNow
Amazing mistress, great session
subdale, subdale
This Mstress is amazing, very good chats and excercises lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
trix, trix
My pvc mistress
dastone, dastone
Locked in chastity by Mistress Ava
Slave4Mistress, Slave4Mistress
Perfect Goddess. Hope to be her slave soon
Slave4Mistress, Slave4Mistress
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