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Foxy Minx Kicked my Nuts – Part 2

The punishment to the nads continues! With a vicious Mistress Black pounding the slave a new prostrate! As she kicks him from every which way possible. From behind, you would think her furry shoes would give him a much-needed tickle! But nothing was tickled, even though it was a hot shade of pink by the time she was done!

Hey what can I say, I was in a foul mood on this day. And everyone knows when I am in a foul mood someone gets hurt. Sometimes several someones… But this time it was the turn of this unfortunate sod! My little mean streak was more than suitably indulged. And the groans of pain and despair only incensed me more…

This weekend has some pretty saucy unbelievably kinky clip updates. All I will say is latex, double domination, high heel stilettos, and a magnificent brown rump placed on an unfortunate masked face…. Oooooh just the thought gets me wet!

See you there!