Mistress Ava Black and Lady Bellatrix take great pains in re-educating their captive slave in the fine art of lifting heavy loads with his cock.

Watch as they remove him from his cage to receive his prolonged punishment on the cross.

His cock swings low as they weight it down with cock weights.

They see just how many pegs will fit on the cock as well, delighting at how powerless he is to stop them.

In fact

His cock only seems to rise and get harder and harder as they tease him with their rubbered up curves in catsuits.

The poor slave is a victim of his own desires as he rubs greedily against his Mistress.

Fully aware that they only intend to turn him on so that they can hurt him some more.

But still powerless to stop his traitor cock from rising to the occasion!
The penis was a pendulum

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