Loose women.

Women who completely disregard your desires.

The girl who was so far out of your league that you had to accept that she would inevitably always have guys who were better than you in every way physically…

When did you realise that you were a cuckold and that you not only accepted that she would entertain other men, but you actually actively desired it?

See, if the thought of the woman you so strongly desire being serviced by other men turns you on immensely, you are probably a cuckold.

If you find the notion of serving your Mistress and her lover obediently (maybe even dressed up in a ridiculous maid’s outfit) in the hope that she will permit you to watch as he beds her extremely erotic then you are probably a cuckold.

If you are actively prowling the dating sites on your Mistress’s behalf searching for the kind of men that she likes you are probably a cuckold.

If you have taken a vow of chastity and devoted yourself to further enhancing your Mistress’s sexual explorations with no expectation of gratification on your part then you are most definitely a cuckold!

What I would like to know though is when did you realise that you had these desires?

When did you suspect that you might be a cuckold?

Answers below….