Were it a Leap Year I might even be tempted to pop the magic question….


Pah! You know what, fukkit!


*clears throat*

slave, we’ve only known each other a short while. And yet you have done so much for me. You have worked really hard and pledged so much. Against all odds. You have learned the value of hard work and dedication. By becoming more devoted to a cause higher than yourself, you have begun to realise that my needs come first. And when you see me enjoying the fruits of  your hard labour you are proud. Proud  because you are now aware, more than ever in your previously empty existence… That there is a true Goddess. That your every waking moment exists only to satisfy her needs.

And so slave, today… With 8 days to go until Valentine’s day I would like to say…

Get this


so I can take a real man out for a hot weekend of fuckery and kinkery!