Today I had a shoot with Kinky Mistresses website at my home.

I have worked for them a fair bit over the last few years and I love the creativity as well as the drive of the guys behind it. They are uber professional and highly skilled. Talent such as the Germans’ is pretty much unrivalled in this industry. And for me it is exciting when I get kudos from such awesome names in the field. They think I’m hot basically.

The strange thing for me a lot of the time is that even though I do shoot quite a lot of stuff for all these different huge companies, a lot of the time it never feels like work. Especially when the commute is a few short paces from one room to the next… Totally love my glorious effin’ life maaaan!

I also made some sexy angel images for sexing up in photoshop to get me all ethereal looking soon.

Still working on this site and seriously having some gouge eyes and brain out moments on an almost daily basis.

Mmm, my tech slave cometh tomorrow and he will help me get on top of things some more.

For now though while I am supposed to be in bed for a 5 am start I think I’ll just import a few more pages from the old site…